Woodmont Cabinetry | An Avid Partner of SAMES KREMLIN In Wood Finishing for Over 20 Years

We've added some of the most sophisticated guns that they have to offer: the FPro® Lock Airspray Manual Spray Gun which is lightweight and easy to spray. The flexible hoses are easy to handle and easy to curve. Those are things that have saved us material in our finishing lines and allowed us to process our product more efficiently.
Woodmont Wood Finishing Global testimony
Woodmont Wood Finishing Global testimony
Woodmont Cie testimony

WOODMONT Cabinetry is a well-known premium cabinet manufacturer in Texas

It all started in 1953 in Grand Prairie, Texas. In those days, Woodmont Cabinetery were known as Western Cabinets, a regional supplier of stock cabinetry. Eventually, Western Cabinets was purchased by our own Stanley Tidwell and expanded to a national market. One name change later, Woodmont Cabinetry was born. Today we are proud of both our humble beginnings and our lasting reputation for excellence.

We currently operate out of two state-of-the-art, fully automated Texas locations: a 150,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Dallas and a 100,000 square foot facility in Cedar Hill.

There’s an old saying: “To do great work, you must love what you do”. At Woodmont Cabinetry, we’re happy to say that our more than 350 employees put a lot of love into their work, and it shows in our fine craftsmanship and company-wide principles.Woodmont cabinetery has chosen SAMES KREMLIN finishing equipment and tells us why their painters love the NEW FPro® Airspray Manual Spray Gun and how SAMES KREMLIN products have improved their bottom line.

Woodmont cabinetry Vice President testimony

John Abbott, VP of Manufacturing of Woodmont Cabinetry,: over 20 years, SAMES KREMLIN has made our manufacturing more efficient!

Woodmont Cabinetry is a kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Dallas, Texas.
We basically run kitchen cabinets into the new home construction. We build a very high quality product. We're very respected in the industry as a good company to do business with. We build a very efficient process through our plants where we ship complete and on-time and a lot of that is based on the finish of our products.
SAMES KREMLIN's been an avid partner of ours for at least over 20 years. They've been a big part of our finishing lines. We've added a number of a very efficient type of equipment: everything from our Cyclo mixers for our catalyst into our finished material.
We've also added some of the most sophisticated guns that they have to offer. Those are things that have made us more efficient. It saves us material in our finishing. Set a pattern they don't have to worry about making adjustments and things like that. That saves time and money.
Bottom line is that's part of our relationship with the representatives that come in to work with us helping us lay our equipment out, our lines out, and allowing us to process our  product very efficiently.


Woodmont professional painter

Bernardo Mata. I seen a lot of spray guns come and go. None like this one, the FPro Lock. This one's light, easy to spray, it's consistent

In 9 years I seen a lot of spray guns come and go. None like this one, the FPro Lock.
This one's light, easy to spray, it's consistent. What most I like about this gun is the locks it has,so nobody could mess with the air or the fluid. The spray is good. The fans not too big, you don't have overspray, you don't have fluid going everywhere.
Another thing I like about this is, is the flexible hoses. The hoses are light, your sprayers are gonna love it. It's easy to handle, easy to curve. They're not heavy. Not heavy at all.