PaintSave Technology

This innovative push-out technology saves huge amount of paint at each color change.

With Paint Save, 90% of paint hose is used instead of being wasted!

The technolgy is an hybrid between push-out system and piggable system. The patented floating shuttle between the pushing solvent and the paint in the supply hose keeps separated both materials from mixing.

Actually the laminar flow of solvent in the hose has a higher speed in the middle, where the shuttle remains floating few microns smaller than the paint hose. So the solvent never overpasses the shuttle, the paint hose is already cleaning during the push-out process.

The lenght of the 4mm interior diameter hose, the gear pump volume and the paint regulator gives the total volume of paint to be pushed out to the sprayer. Before the solvent reachs the injector, the sprayer closes the trigger. The automation must only set the length of hose and gear pump volume to set the right time to launch the shuttle and close the trigger.

90% of paint recovery in hose + 50% paint recovery in gear pump + 50% paint recovery in regulator = over 50% paint savings !

For a safer process, PaintSave may be shunted by a second paint circuit available directly to the sprayer PPH 707. The  painting robot is always available with standard process, whatever happens to the PaintSave hose.



A Start station always on time

When at the station, the paint flows around the shuttle smoothly : no flowrate reduction

  • Fast response time : pneumatic valve unlocks the shuttle
  • No spring inside paint : a magnet pushes away the shuttle into the flow
  • Magnetic sensor detects position return of the shuttle
Safe push-out system

When inside the stream, the shuttle is pushed by solvent

  • No risk that solvent overpasses the shuttle : the maximum speed of the laminar stream is in the middle.
  • No contact = no wear of the shuttle: the size is designed to keep the shuttle right in the 4mm paint hose.
  • Hose is standard 4mm PTFE hose, surrounded by a 7/10 mm hose in PTFE to prevent the hose from bending.
No risk of solvent sprayed on the painted part

From the calculation of the paint volume between the gear pump and the PPH 707, we can stop the pump just before the shuttle arrives at the Terminus station. No risk to spray solvent!
The solvent go around the shuttle to cleans the trigger.

Then the shuttle goes reverse pushed back by air blow to the Start station.