Process by which the compressed material is dispensed allowing anti-vibration product pads to be applied in the form of wide striping for sound deadening purposes.
Dispensing technology

Dispensing technology

LASD technology

Robotic application of LASD (Liquid Applied Sound Deadener) is fast becoming a standard solution of the world, especially for the automotive industry, by virtue of its flexibility, cost & weight savings, and environmental protocols. 

LASD significantly reduces vibrations & noise inside vehicle by absorbing the vibration energy & converting it to thermal energy. LASD is typically applied to interior flooring, wheel wells & dash panels.

SAMES KREMLIN has developed an extensive line of equipment for pumping, dosing & applying LASD material to meet your needs.

Typical Layout

Typical Layout


Precise automation & the lower density of LASD materials help OEMs reduce vehicle weight.


SIMPLIFY the sound deadening process

by replacing traditional bitumen mats. 

FLEXIBILITY of robotic application

for multi-platform plants or new models.