HVLP Airspray

This technology ensures high transfer efficiency (minimum 65%) with a low pressure of atomizing air (0.7 bar maxi).

Liquid airspray technology

The U.S. market found conventional spraying created too much overspray to meet the needs of the automotive industry. At that time, both the material viscosities used & the flow rates required were really low.

Extensive research on the gun & spray head have been conducted to reduce/limit the production of overspray giving rise to HVLP technology.

Two key factors ensure HVLP spraying:

  • Obtain a minimal transfer efficiency of 65%
  • Use a maximum atomizing air pressure of 0.7 bar (at the head of the gun)

The HVLP term can been used for Airspray or Airmix spraying technology as it observes the fundamental


Compliant with automotive refinishes


With a minimal amount of paint waste

MINIMAL booth contamination

Minimum transfer efficiency of 65%