HPA™ Airspray

HPA is an Airspray technology offering high power atomization.
Liquid airspray spraying technology

Liquid airspray spraying technology

HPA means High Pressure of Atomization.

This technology delivers an excellent finishing quality for a large range of materials & viscosities. With a gamut to choose from, our aircaps work easily with primers, high gloss, top coats, varnishes, lacquers & even adhesives. Aircaps are available in flat & round spray. 

HPA guns are available in gravity- or suction-fed cups & pressure-fed pumps or pressure pots.

PAINT SAVINGS for a minimum booth contamination

65% of transfer efficiency (EN 13966-1)


Specially designed aircap with powerful atomization even on viscous materials


Simply change the aircap to convert from flat to round spray