Kremlin created Airmix® in 1975. Airmix® is an intermediate spray technology that combines the advantages of both conventional and Airless technology & is the industry standard for medium pressure atomization today.
Liquid spraying technology

Liquid spraying technology

Airmix® is a unique medium pressure spraying technology in between Airspray (known for high finishing quality with limited flow rate ideally under 400cc/min) & Airless (known for good results for high flow but without quality finishing).

Airmix® gives a high finishing quality & uniform film build for high productivity on paint flow rates from 400 to 2000 cc/min.

Unattainable benefits from other medium pressure technologies such as air-assisted airless.

Maximum PAINT SAVINGS for minimum booth contamination

As a result of a high transfer efficiency up to 86% (HVLP compliant)

EXCELLENT material distribution & FINE PARTICLE size

Due to the addition of low pressure air to both sides of the fan pattern


Owing to our unique assembly of the carbide insert into the insert holder

DURABLE design

Insuring no deterioration of the hard anodized surface treatment

Why choose our tips?

Why choose our tips?

To make sure that every tip built in our factory yields the best results, we follow a precise machining process that guarantees consistent material output at different spray angles each & every time. 


Our tips are built with carefully selected materials to guarantee a lifetime production compatibility with the main paint tip.


In 1975, KREMLIN developed the first generation of Airmix® technology.

This concept was such an outstanding success for KREMLIN that it launched Airmix ® from a common technology to a well-known industry standard used all over the world.

Driven to maximize customer benefits, KREMLIN developed a second generation of Airmix®: Gun Aircap Adaptation, which varies the fan width without changing the tip saving time & money.

Key strengths of SAMES KREMLIN Airmix®:

  • Excellent tip quality
  • Experts in aircap design
  • Carefully selected materials to ensure a long product life

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