High efficiency Airless is a method of spraying fluid under high pressure through a spray tip without the added use of compressed air.
Liquid spraying technology

Liquid spraying technology

Airless spraying happens when the material under high pressure flows through a small hole called a tip. The shape of the hole determines the spraying shape. If the hole is circular, the spray will be round. If the hole is elliptical, the spray will be flat.

The flow rate of a tip depends on the hole surface. The more elongated the hole, the larger the spraying angle will be.

An airless spray gun can flow up to 5L / min.

There are 2 types of tips - FLAT & REVERSIBLE.

Minimum equipment needed for airless spraying:

  • A pump
  • A high pressure hose
  • An airless gun equipped with a tip & filter
High PRODUCTIVITY                 

As a result of a high flow rate from 1.5 to 5L/min despite a compromised finishing quality

Quick unclogging for FAST MAINTENANCE

Available with Reversible Tip

COMPLETE tip range                                              

For a wide selection of flow rates & impact width

LOW RISK micro-bubbling in the paint film

Due to lack of air required in the the atomizing process