Electrostatic solution for water-based materials - ISOCUBE

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Complete solution for electrostatic Airspray or Airmix® applications with water-based materials

  • Adjustment of the fan width and the electrostatic effect on the gun
  • High transfer efficiency thanks to the wrap around effect limiting the material losses on the booth while reducting VOC emission with water-based paint   
  • Plug & spray solution that's easy to assemble
  • Intuitive settings from the gun or from the controller   
  • Robust construction that can be transported easily
  • Careful selection of parts in contact with the material to ensure perfect compatibility with water-based paints   


Concept layout

Concept layout
(1) Isocube
(1) (4) Nanogun airspray/Nanogun Airmix® 120/Nanogun Airmix®200

Depending on the type of spraying which fits the best your application, we offer a choice of 3 pumps:

  • for conventional spraying with the Nanogun Airspray: the Airspray 02C85 paint pump
  • for Airmix® spraying with the Nanogun Airmix®:
    • the Airmix® 15C25 paint pump (ratio of 15:1)
    • the Airmix® 30C25 paint pump (ratio of 30:1)

Controller is easy to use with voltage settings and easy to maintain with diagnostic alert 


   This solution is modular and fits all your needs to:

  • Handle higher drum capacity (The isolation will be done in this case through an isolated table or with and isolated box for 200L drum for example)
  • Install bigger pump for Airspray or Airmix® spraying technology
  • Add options : agitators, material regulators... are given as example.