Airspray kit for one painter

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Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • Adjustment of the material pressure and the atomizing air centralized on the cart
  • Large choice of projectors for flow adjustment and different spray shapes 
  • High transfer efficiency up to 75%
  • Mobile station - all in one - for hanging the hoses and the gun on the cart for maximum mobility
  • Continuous material supply with gravity cup to prevent pump draining
  • Maintenance facilitated by optimizing the number of parts and easy disassembly
  • High pump flowrate

Concept Layout

Concept Layout
(1) Airspray PMP150 Pratik

Diaphragm pump of 1/1 pressure ratio mounted on a transportable arm

(2) Material regulator

Insure constant and stable material delivering to the gun.

Control paint flow

(3) Air regulator

Direct atomizing air piloting

(4) M22 Spraygun

Airspray manual spraygun available in HTI and HPA version (HVLP, LVLP or conventional)