Airmix® manual spray gun easy solution

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Complete solution to ensure

  • Material pressure adjustment and atomixing air control is located on the cart
  • Large tip selection available for fluid flow and optimized width application for unsurpassed transfer efficiencies up to 86%


  • All inclusive mobile cart allows you to hang the hoses and gun on the cart for maximum mobility
  • Continuous material supply with gravity cup to prevent pump draining
  • Durable wheels
  • Maintenance is optimized by the number of spare parts and it is easy to disassembly


Xcite™ Airmix® and Xcite™ Light Airmix® spray guns layout examples

Xcite™ Airmix® spray gun solutions can use different pump technologies and fluid sections sizes

You will be able to choose the right solution depending on your specific production needs: small to intensive production, type of material used (viscosity as an example)....

(1) Spray tips
(1) Spray tips

The Xcite™ Airmix® and Xcite™ Airmix® spraygun must be fitted with our genuine Airmix® spray tips to guarantee the best finish quality, minimum overspray and pattern repeatability.

You must choose the right tip taking into account the required thickness and fan width pattern (for example, use 09.09 tip size to apply 90 µm in manual application). To help you choose your spray tip, please refer to the configurator. You have the choice between our Fine finish tips dedicated for solvent-based paint or X-tra Fine Finish dedicated to water-based paints.

"Tips and Tricks": We recommend at the end of the day to place your tip in a closed solvent bucket.

Xcite™ 120, 200 bar Manual AIRMIX® spraygun
(2) Xcite™ Airmix® manual spray gun

The Xcite™ Airmix® manual spray gun delivers high level performance with unsurpassed finish quality. It is available in 3 pressure ranges: 120-200-400bar (1740-2900-5400psi) to meet every application.

We recommend to use The Xcite™ Airmix® manual spray gun when:

  • you need to change the fan shape width in real time using the adjustment knob
  • you need to work over 120 bar (2900psi) to apply your paint

"Tips and Tricks": The gun comes with a built-in filter at the handle: we recommend you choose a filter with a screen lower or equivalent to the one of the pump filter!




Airmix® Xcite Light
(2) Xcite™ Light Airmix® spray gun

The fact that there is no metallic fluid tube and filter at the handle of the gun increases the gun maniability and makes it very easy when painting complex parts with some difficult to reach areas.

On the Xcite™ Light Airmix® spray gun, to ease its maneuverability, we recommend to mount an optional whip end paint hose of 1.6m (5 feet). The  Xcite™ Light Airmix® spray gun does not feature a filter on the handle.

"Tips and Tricks": You can add an optional in-line filter depending on your paint quality or/and if the paint pump filter is not enough.

(3) Hoses
(3) Hoses

You need to select the right length of your hoses between the paint pump and the spraygun depending on your installation and your spray booth location. You need also to select the right diameter to avoid too much pressure loss. (pressure loss will directly impact the fluid section size of the pump needed). As an example, with a water-based paint with a viscosity of xxxx cps, a 7.5 meters hose, diameter 4.8, will generate a 17 bar pressure loss.

"Tips and Tricks": For moisture sensitive paints, you need to choose PTFE hoses.

(5)  Cup lub Airmix® paint pump
(5) Cup lub Airmix® paint pump

This cup lub pump range represents an economical production/price ratio. Those pumps are dedicated for solvant and water-based paints.

Our SAMES KREMLIN pump range features fluid section stainless steel This pump is not recommended for moisture-sensitive materials. In case of multiple color changes, we recommend to use the smallest hydraulic section which matches your need to save paint and solvents..

"Tips and Tricks": In case of very viscous materials, this pump type can be fed under pressure.



17F60 Airmix® Flowmax Paint Pump
(5) Flowmax® Airmix® paint pump

This free lub pump range represents the most robust paint pump in the world. Our Flowmax bellow SAMES KREMLIN pump range are dedicated for abrasive and moisture sensitive solvent or water-based materials. 

The fluid section is made of stainless steel. This pump is not recommended for multiple coor changes.

"Tips and Tricks":

  • In case of viscous materials, you should never exceed 0,5 bar feeding pressure.
  • Never use  a check valve integrated on the suction rod (you maydamage the Flowmax® bellow) .
(5) Filtration
(5) Filtration

The main filtration can be done at the paint pump using a dedicated filter mounted at the product output of the paint pump. The filter screen need to be adjusted depending on your paint to prevent tip blockage when spraying.

We supply two different types of filter:

  • in-line filter with requires a minimum amount of solvent to be flushed
  • an accumulator filter (assembled in standart on most of our paint pumps).
(6) Pump feeding: Suction rod
(6) Pump feeding: Suction rod

Allow to pump the material directly from a drum container. Different suction hose diameters are available regarding the viscosity of the paint. We supply suction rods for drums with a capacity of 60 litres and 200 liters.

(7) Pump feeding; Hopper
(7) Pump feeding; Hopper

In case of small production batches, we recommend to use our 6 liter hopper to feed the pump.

(8) Pump feeding; Agitator
(8) Pump feeding; Agitator

An agitator will maintain all the components of the paint in constant movement preventing any deposition of pigments and will keep the best performance of the pump and the gun. It will also ensure a parfect homogeneity of colours during the application.

Pumps selection criteria table to help you choose the right pump which will meet your needs

Airmix® pumps

Type of gun



Production size Maximum tip size recommended

Average Paint consumption per day (l/gal)

Color change 



gun (s)

Type of paint 


Xcite™ Light

Cup lub Small 20 frequent 1 Solvent

Xcite™ Light

Cup lub Medium 30 frequent  1 Solvent
30C25 Xcite™ Cup lub Medium 30 frequent  1 WB

Xcite™ Light

Cup lub High 50 occasional  2 Solvent
20C50 Xcite™ Cup lub High 50 occasional  2 Solvent
40C50 Xcite™ Cup lub High 50 occasional  2 WB
17F60 Flowmax® Xcite™ Free lub High 60 not recommended 2 Solvent
34F60 Flowmax® Xcite™ Free Lub HIgh 60 not recommended 2 WB