UPside CCV Compact universal robotic color change block

The compact and modular design gives several solutions to integrate on robot arms.Innovations are in every parts: stainless steel modules, new UPvalve, compact fittings, oriented hoses for easy integration, integrared regulator.​


  • Lightweight & compact design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexible assembly

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1. Lightweight design: 78g per color including fitting ( 52% lighter)

2. Compact size: 30% less volume

3. Oriented fittings: reduce space requirement for robotic integration

4. Robust design: metal-in-metal fittings and valve seat for best TCO


5. Plug & use modules (including fittings)

6. Direct access: all fittings and valves located on same side

7. Easy to clean CCV + Regulator + Pump: low solvent consumption

8. Dedicated tool kit delivered into its mini-case


UPside CCV lightweight