Great success for the Web Ambassadors!

Feb 17, 2021
During the last semester of 2020, a small group of SAMES KREMLIN volunteered to become the spearhead of a new digital communication program. The result turned out to meet our expectations both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Cécile our Winner
Cécile our Winner

Thus for nearly 6 months, our group of volunteers was mobilized and sensitized to become the active relay of our content on social networks and ultimately appear as the true ambassadors of our company's e-reputation.

If the goal was to enhance the spirit of collaboration and improve employability even in this difficult period, it remained to train and now motivate our colleagues. This is how we set up a gamification program to challenge them in a good mood.

How? By rewarding the best performance on social networks by allowing the winner to support; thanks to SAMES KREMLIN, one association among ten. All corresponding to the values ​​and mission of our company: "Apply Your Skills" (develop your potential)!

Thus, by relying on a real CSR (corporate social responsibility) project, we have also been able to reach a larger audience, and help strengthen our brand image and finally potentially attract our talents of tomorrow.

At the end of this program, our big winner was chosen: Congratulations Cécile  (based sales - Meylan, Grenoble- )! She gives us her feelings and the reasons for choosing her association:

"Participating in the" Easy Advocacy "project was a real opportunity for me to share my feeling of belonging to the SAMES KREMLIN family. By being part of a program as fun and in the era of time as that of the "Ambassadors of the Web", I hope to have brought a stone to the building and to have been able to give the envy to other talents of us join in our great adventure.
I am very proud to be able in the name of SAMES KREMLIN to make the association "Le Rire Medecin" benefit from a donation of 150 € so that it can continue its actions in order to maintain the link with the children, their relatives, and also with caregivers.
The physical interventions by comedians-clowns in pediatric wards of hospitals, made all the more difficult since the health crisis, touch me deeply.
As the famous Italian doctor and educator Maria Montessori said so well: "The child is for humanity both a hope and a promise. By taking care of this embryo as our most precious treasure, we will work to make humanity grow.

Well done to Cécile and to all the members of the program who supported this ethical project with conviction and good humor! A program that will be called upon to make many new ones!