Truck Cabs

Protection, finishing, bonding & sealing solutions for truck cabs

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Truck Cab Market
(1) Cab Painting

The cab is usually painted together with its plastic parts (spoiler, side panel, fenders, deflectors). The paint might be solid or metallic, solvent- or water-based & the number of colors available can reach over one thousand.

Historically gun applicators were used for their high flow rate and easy to spray various types of paint. Today truck OEMs are switching to rotary bell atomizers to bring better transfer efficiency, better finishing results & short cycle time with robotic cells.

(2) Paint Circulating Supply

Managing thousands of colors is the challenge of every truck manufacturer.

Solutions exist to save expensive paints, such as pigging systems from the drum to the atomizer, embedded canister systems for water-based paint, high efficient electrostatic atomizers, or 7-8 axis robotic booths.

(3) Sealing & Gluing

Manually sealing steel plates under the body is a difficult task. Small robots are the best solution for a repeatable seal on bodies.

Our solutions from the drum to dispense include the following: piston pumps, dosing units & robotic guns.

By using vision systems, the precise position of the body helps to set up the right trajectories.

Additionally, a temperature control system might be very useful for sensitive materials with large temperature differentials in various countries.