Which compressor to feed my HVLP paint spray gun?

FPro Airspray manual gun
FPro Airspray manual gun

The HVLP spraying technology has been defined and applied by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and has stated the HVLP regulation in the 1970’s : the transfer efficiency has to be at least 65 percent to minimize material wastes. In addition, 0.7 bar/10 psi max are requested at the aircap of the gun to avoid the air pollution of conventional spray guns. A HVLP FPro sprayer uses a high volume of air going through the gun to atomize the paint instead of high pressure .

HVLP spraying avoids pollution and minimize material wastes...

HVLP means High Volume - Low Pressure. And more precisely it means High Volume (HV) of air going out at the aircap and Low Pressure (LP) of air at the handle. Instead of a blast of 50 psi air coming out like in an old style gun only about 10psi will be coming out of an HVLP gun. In very old style gun, the 50 psi put as much paint in the air as on the part.

To comply with the EPA requirements, Sames Kremlin has developed its own range of HVLP sprayers, as the FPRO HVLP. (Our professional tool is fed by compressed air, when other as Wagner or Homeright propose electric turbine for home projects).  Thanks to the higher volume of paint being displaced, more of it ends up on the surface of the part. This means you will save money on paint consumption by using less of it. HVLP is one of the most efficient types of airspray spray guns you can get:

SAMES KREMLIN has develop its own range of HVLP FPro sprayguns benefiting of 95 years experience in conventional airspray technology...

HVLP is ahead in transfer efficiency. Less paint is wasted in the process and you get further with less paint (lacquers, varnishes for market which includes metal, furniture applications...). Less waste means a cleaner working environment. More paint makes it to the surface not the area around it. So more time is saved in clean up afterward for easy maintenance.

Our FPro and M22 spray gun ranges offer great precision (pressure or fed with paint cups) : the HVLP solution can be used for some very sensitive touch up spray work. In order to be compliant with the 0.7 bar/10 psi at the aircap, a Fpro HVLP gun requires more airflow in order to release the paint into fine particules as the air pressure is decreased compared to a conventional Airspray gun, while keeping ideal spray patterns. The higher volume of air, thanks to a larger air ring around the nozzle, helps to have more paint on the part, reducing the overspray and air pollution in the working area and allows to be compliant with most stringent regulations.

Which compressor do I need to benefit of all the advantages of my FPro HVLP spray gun ?

HVLP guns require plenty of air, so you need to have a larger capacity compressor.  In order to spray the full range of finishing products, however, you need at least a 21⁄2 to 3 horse power compressor with a 20-gallon tank. One this size lets you effectively atomize the product and supply constant air pressure to the gun. With this system, you can adjust the pressure and fluid viscosity as needed. The downside is that you have to filter the air to eliminate water, oil, and dirt from entering the gun. If you have a conventional compressor, a regulator will be necessary in order to correctly set the air pressure.

HVLP is environment friendly:  Of course, masks should be worn as a precaution but with an HVLP spray gun, the sprayer would be exposed to less dangerous overspray from the paint material due to the high volumes being sprayed.

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