High Velocity Turbine for rotating bell atomizer

High Velocity Turbine for rotating bell atomizer

The High Velocity Turbine is the air driven engine of PPH 707 and Accubell 709 EVO. It can rotate up to 100krpm on free rotation & up to 85krpm with a bell cup.
It includes unique features designed by SAMES KREMLIN that provides uncomparable advantages for the end user. 

How does it works?

SAMES KREMLIN created its newest generation of air driven turbines for PPH 707 & Accubell 709 EVO. With all its knowledge, expertise & uncompromised quality, Sames' engineers designed the most reliable turbine in the world.

It includes an exclusive bell cup attachment system with a magnetic force to secure the connection in a convenient & user-friendly way for daily production.

It takes 1 second to safely attach the bell to its magnetic clip & less than 3 seconds to remove it without any tools.

In order to ensure the operators have aptly prepared the atomizers after the bell cup cleaning session, a unique detection system is embedded to verify the bell cup is in place prior to starting the production shift.

The special design of the turbine air bearing prevents wear of the rotor, even at high rotation speeds.

To achieve optimal atomization of its ultimate turbine, SAMES KREMLIN designed a perfectly balanced bell cup using the aeronautical techniques of the finest manufacturing & quality controls.

7 YEAR warranty

Thanks to the superior mechanical design of Sames products, the warranty of the HVT turbine is good for 7 years long or 30 000h, whichever comes first. It is a unique performance on the rotary bell atomizers offer, allowing for a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

POWERFUL turbine

The HVT turbine is able to accelerate & brake quickly, even when loaded with paint & a large bell cup, which ensures getting the right atomization on your robotic spray job no matter what the circumstance.

Speed rotation CONTROL

The HVT turbine is able to work with both a noise frequency analysis & an optical fiber (OF). Sames Technologies advises the noise frequency analysis technology for higher mean time before failure (MTBF).