Semi-automatic Pigging distribution system

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Concept Layout

Concept Layout
(1) Pumping station
(2) Manual pig loading
(3) Piping
(4) Pig

Our principle

Our piggable system is used to:

  • Reduce the needed quantity of paint to load in a circulating
  • Allows colour ​changing in a short time.

The paint is pushed with a small cylinder (pig), this pig is equipped with seals to clean the internal surface as it moves through the pipe. 

4 pigs are needed to operate the system. Between the first two pigs, paint circulates then the 3rd pig pushes a first quantity of solvent which is used to perform a first cleaning of the pipe. 4th pig pushes a second amount of solvent which terminates the cleaning circuit.

Highway valve are 3 ways valves which are used to feed robots with paint, then they allow the rinsing of the flexible that feeds the robot once the cycle is complete.

At the end, the remaining paint not used and still in the pipe will be recovered into the paint drum.

Modular conception

Modular conception

This solution includes:

  • Testing and cleaning station used to test and clean the pig
  • Storage station used to stock pigs
  • Recovery station used to load and unload pigs into the system. 
  • Selection valve used to send pig into recovery station or storage station following the pig test result.
  • Departure station used to send the pig into the pipe and select paint, solvent or air to push it.
  • Trolley equipped with a pump and a cover with agitator for 30L drums.
  • Buttons box to manage the system and connected to the PLC.
  • 3 way valve for each robot's drop.
  • 2 way valve installed behind the last application point.