TRP 502 Robotic Dual Robotic Electrostatic Spray Gun (US, Canada, & Mexico)

The TRP gun is light, compact and is very flexible in it's applications. Its simple and robust design makes it extremely reliable. (For US, Canada, & Mexico Only)
  • High performance dual gun atomizer
  • High reliability for Automotive applications
  • Easy to maintain

► Technical manual



  • High flow rate - up to 1200cc/min
  • High transfer efficiency compared to conventional gun
  • Heavy duty piston for extended life of trigger
  • Integrated High voltage cascade


  • Remotely controlled gun parameters
  • Fan or vortex pattern
  • Quick disconnect


  • Integrated supply & dump circuits
  • Insulated support device

For more than 35 years, the TRP gun has been the standard in the world of automotive finishing, often
copied but never equaled.