2 component dosing controller

2K - 2 component dosing controller delivers automatic adaptive viscosity control for precise, repeatable bead application.

Key to Kremlin Rexson Robotic Dosing Systems the AutoStream is our new compact smart controller compatible with our family of dosing valves from the Electric Dosing range - Volurex® & Regulex® to the pneumatic Doser range - 1K, 2K and 1KC. Controlling shot sizes ranging from 5cc to 300cc and with the ability to control single or dual systems the AutoStream compliments and simplifies our dosing valve range.



  • Continuous flow
  • Automatic, real-time material viscosity adjustment


  • Perfect flushing
  • Reduced fluid waste


  • Compatibility with water-based materials
  • All stainless-steel construction
2 component dosing controller