SAMES KREMLIN @Cefla Live 2018

A new demonstration of the importance of maintaining our position as a leading supplier to the world's 1st OEM.
SAMES KREMLIN at Cefla Live 2018
SAMES KREMLIN at Cefla Live 2018

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The Cefla Finishing, the world-leading provider of finishing, decoration and digital printing solutions for wooden articles and its by-products, designs and manufactures tailored and "turnkey" systems for the wood market, with a yearly Sales turnover of 120 M€.

The event Cefla Live is their open day, held every year at their manufacturing plant in Imola, Italy. 2018 was a special tenth edition.

They invite there their customers (this year many Russian and Chinese), partners and specialized press to show 'Live' demos, strengthen networking, attend conferences and discover sneak peeks of the latest technological developments.

During the three-day event, visitors could participate in meetings with technicians and experts to get a preview of the future of finishing and see all the most innovative systems.

Most of the Major paint manufacturers were present: Sherwin Williams, Akzo Nobel, Mankiewicz, Sayerlack, Renner, Votteler.

Mike Baglione – SK Regional Manager for Canada - could meet Joe Sanders, Area Manager Cefla Canada where over 40 machines are supplied with our equipment this year. Congratulations to our Canadian team!

Luca Mariani, Area manager Cefla Asia confirmed also to be very satisfied about SK China support and relationship with our local team.

Obviously our guns were not mounted on every flat line machine, but anytime Cefla has to communicate (brochure, promotional videos, web elements), our AVX gun are pushed in front. Their Lab manager and worldwide experts recognize the superiority of our Airmix® guns for their durability and finishing quality!

Business Development Action plan for 2019:

  • Qualify our ASB for window applications
  • Qualify our A35 Special for wood and glass coating
  • Re-evaluate possibility to use rotary bell on glass coating
  • Organize visit MD of Cefla  finishing Alberto Maestri at Meylan to reinforce our relation ship at high level


Watch the video dedicated by Cefla to SAMES KREMLIN during Cefla Live 2017, featuring Hervé Walter, Chief Marketing Officer:

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