The INOCOAT full powder equipment range is available

Jan 08, 2021
SAMES KREMLIN launches INOCOAT manual and automatic enhanced spraying solutions in powder coating.
INOCOAT Powder Range
INOCOAT Powder Range

SAMES KREMLIN launches INOCOAT, a completely renewed range of powder coating equipment covering manual and automatic installations, and compatible with multi-axis robots.

It took 4 years to develop this brand new powder range. It has led to filing 3 patents and a large beta testing sites campaign has been done in Europe and Latin America. It includes several innovations, among which the TEC5 technology (Transfer Electronic Control) which automatically adjusts the voltage giving the best application.  It takes into account the powder flow and distance of the parts to deliver the highest powder transfer and finish quality

Which are INOCOAT main assets?:

  • Productivity,
  • Application quality
  • Ease of integration.

SAMES KREMLIN targets the high-end segment of the powder market. INOCOAT Powder range differentiates itself from competing solutions by its productivity: instantaneous adjustment of powder spray gun position, rapid color changes, high transfer rate, application quality that requires fewer pre-touching and re-touching operations, etc.

Faster color changes, less retouching!

Compatible with all fieldbuses: Another advantage of the new range is that it is easy to integrate and use. It is compatible with all major fieldbus standards.  Emphasis has been placed on the robustness of equipment, components and wear parts. Some products in the range benefits of a 2 + 1 year warranty extension.

Our INOCOAT range includes manual or fully automatic electrostatic powder spraying solutions to meet any high demanding demand:


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