SISTEMAS DE PINTADOS (Argentina): More than 20 years of growth and happy customers with SAMES KREMLIN!

Their product line and expertise helps my customers to optimize their paint savings, to improve their finish quality while contributing to the environment protection at the same time.

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Guillermo Vincenzi (owner of  Sistemas de Pintado) states:

For 20 years I have been working with SAMES KREMLIN and their Argentinian subsidiary. The main reason why I continue to choose this brand is because of the quality and  security that their product ranfge provides, that I can offer to  my customers. This has already allowed me to have relationships of more than 15-17 years with companies allowing them to optimize their paint transfer efficiency, their finish and much more and more, to always focus on better paints savings and contributing to the environment protection at the same time.

What is always interesting to highlight about our their product line is the high finish quality that they provide, in relationship with a high transfer efficiency, by always controlling air and paint consumption, all that finally contributing to improve working conditions. Besides those product advantages, we are also able to supply a premium service, thanks to the great technical support that we have from the company and the support of our partners here in Argentina which allows us to pursue our development by working all together as a team.

For almost 20 years or even a little more, we have been working with new products, different application experiences, different guns, different pumps and we are now in front of  a new application and market opportunity with the launch of this new Airless pump line. Something really new and something for which we have well-founded expectation that we will be able to achieve a guaranteed success, I am sure it will happen! We have many potentials that we see for this product, very suitable for our market to make us grow in sales.

It is great that the relationship we have had for 20 years ago continues forward, in our future collaborating with this new product line. And a new market to understand is a challne that will surely be successful!

Apply your Skill!​​: A strong and vital relationship with our distributors!

SAMES KREMLIN distribution policy is to build with its partners a relationship of transparency and sincerity that will translate into mutual business growth. We focus on building our businesses ‘Stronger Together’. We recognize that our success is dependent on the strength of our relationship with our distribution partners.

SAMES KREMLIN focuses on Useful Innovation and makes sure exciting new products are released throughout the year.  To make our equipment our distributors primary choice, our product line must be profitable, and our philosophy must be one based on being “Easy-To-Work-With”.  Our Engineering department is busy working on “plug & play” packages that will help our partners when it comes to simple automation. 

We want to make sure that our valuable distributors will offer the best solutions and services that bring value to you: our customers.