SAMES KREMLIN receive the Award for Innovation from SURCAR 2021

SAMES KREMLIN has got once more the prestigious Award for its new paint printing technology PRiNTEC! Learn more!
Innovation Award Surcar
Innovation Award Surcar

Early July 2021, the bi annual international congress for surface treatment of automotive bodies held in Cannes, France.

10 years after winning the Award for Innovation for its Accubell 709 EVO, SAMES KREMLIN receive once more the prestigious Award for its new paint printing technology PRiNTEC.

The SURCAR committee, composed of decision makers of the Automotive Industry and their suppliers, have been convinced by the automatic trajectory generation of robots printing paint on car bodies and plastic parts.

SAMES KREMLIN build a strong know-how in paint robotics last 20 years, and is now creating droplets on demand by dozens and putting each one precisely at the desired position. The PRiNTEC technology enables personalization of vehicles with an unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.


This technology makes unlimited customization possible for the high-speed printing of stripes (horizontal or vertical) and patterns of all kinds on 2D or 3D surfaces. It can also be used to print adhesives and sealants. 

Patterns positioned to within one tenth of a millimeter:  The EPJet® printhead is what sets PRiNTEC™ products and services apart. This electro-pneumatic mechanism releases drops of paint through the movement of a micro membrane controlled by a high-frequency piezoelectric micro-air valve, for applications as fast as 1 m/s. Its compact size and nozzle density make very high resolution and pattern positioning possible to within one tenth of a millimeter. The size of the outlet ports ranges from 100 to 500 microns, perfect for the application of all types of single- or double-component paints.