ITC India: with SAMES KREMLIN, we continue to successfully increase our business in the industry!

We benefit from their unique support and technical expertise to grow our market share in the electrostatic manual and automatic spraying applications!
ITC Indian Distributor testimony
ITC Indian Distributor testimony

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Industrial Trading Company - official SAMES KREMLIN distributor in India, states: 

Sanjiv Kulkarni, technical Consultant with the company states: since 1982, Industrial Trading Company has been in relationship with SAMES KREMLIN.  We have sold, you can say, products like MIV, the old 605, the 607 bells and now we have graduated to the TRPs, the 308 and allied products. We have been able to penetrate on the vendor level also, with the new Nanogun which has shown us a verygood result and reliability and a very large range of options are available for us with the nanogun. 

Along with the product, a major part is played by the support of the entire team of SAMES KREMLIN and as I said our association since 2000 and we have been very well supported by the team right from the sales, technical and service people of SAMES KREMLIN.

Apply your Skill!​​: A strong and vital relationship with our distributors!

SAMES KREMLIN distribution policy is to build with its partners a relationship of transparency and sincerity that will translate into mutual business growth. We focus on building our businesses ‘Stronger Together’. We recognize that our success is dependent on the strength of our relationship with our distribution partners.

SAMES KREMLIN focuses on Useful Innovation and makes sure exciting new products are released throughout the year.  To make our equipment our distributors primary choice, our product line must be profitable, and our philosophy must be one based on being “Easy-To-Work-With”.  Our Engineering department is busy working on “plug & play” packages that will help our partners when it comes to simple automation. 

We want to make sure that our valuable distributors will offer the best solutions and services that bring value to you: our customers.