Discover the new, innovative SFLOW™ Airless® manual spray gun

The new SFLOW™ AIRLESS® spray gun has been designed to help make working conditions easier for painters.

The SFLOW™ is equipped with a swivel fitting on the handle and an ultra-light (2) or (4) finger trigger.  The spray gun is user-friendly and prevents any RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) even in cases of intensive use with high operating pressures. The filter can also be changed out quickly and easily.

Built with the highest quality components, SFlow™ delivers an even coating quality with our extensive range of thoroughly tested tips:  64 Tip Top reversible tips, 82 flat tips and 36 SKILL double-insert tips.

Selecting the new SFLOW™ spray gun with a high transfer efficiency of 81%, and one of the Ready-To-Spray (plug and spray) packs will help you improve your productivity, equipment availability, reduce VOCs, and provide total cost management.

Finishing has never been so easy!