SAMES KREMLIN received the prestigious Visionary award at the Las Vegas AWFS Fair!

SAMES KREMLIN successfully participated in the 2021 AWFS Wood Industry Fair and won this award for its new innovative Airspray Vortex and magnet-assisted MAG-trigger FPro G spray gun technologies.
2021 AWFS Fair North America
2021 AWFS Fair North America

SAMES KREMLIN is honored to receive the 2021 AWFS Visionary Award for product innovation for our newly released FPro Gravity and GSP manual Airspray gun which incorporates Vortex and MAG-trigger technologies.  This is the second time SAMES KREMLIN has won such an esteemed award.  In 2013, we won the Visionary award for our innovative Airmix® spraying technology which is used in our popular Xcite™ manual spray gun and finishing systems.

The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers® (AWFS®) is the largest national trade association in the U.S. representing the interests of the broad array of companies that supply the home and commercial furnishings industry.  The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers® presents this award during the biennial AWFS fair in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Why was SAMES KREMLIN chosen for the award?  We have incorporated (4) major product innovations with the development of the new FPro Gravity & GSP manual Airspray guns: 

  • MAG-trigger:  We have incorporated the lightest trigger pull in the marketplace.  We are 40% lighter than our competition which is a great ergonomic improvement to this Airspray gun.
  • Anti-drip diaphragm:  paint won't leak out of the cup with the new anti-drip diaphragm design.   It's a great gun for quick color changes.
  • Vortex:  forces the fluid into rotation to deliver a higher transfer efficiency and better coverage and penetration into complex, shaped parts without a blotchy finishing effect.  Great innovation for the new spray guns.
  • GSP retrofit kit:  available as an add-on option to the standard FPro Gravity gun.  This allows you to purchase one FPro Gravity and convert when needing to spray thicker, more viscous materials (high viscosity).  For versatility, the regulator is modular and can be adjusted for left and right handed sprayers.

The new, premium FPro Gravity Airspray gun is available in HVLP, LVLP, and Conventional technologies.  The new FPro GSP is available as an add-on kit or fully assembled for spraying high viscosity materials.

How will the end-user benefit from the new FPro Gravity and GSP?  The end user will benefit from this product because it is environmentally friendly and reduces the amount of coatings being spayed into the environment.  The new FPro Gravity will help to lower material costs, increase production, and improve the painters spraying experience with the improved ergonomic design of the gun.  Please contact us today for more information.