OPEL Rüsselsheim facility has chosen the Accubell 709 EVO spraying systems for robotic interior paint applications

The innovative Accubell's water-based spray and metering technology, mounted on FANUC P1000 robots for the first time, has reduced paint consumption, directly improving cost savings and protecting of the environment!

OPEL Rüsselsheim is modernizing its facilities by automating the interior paint application of its cars. OPEL has chosen SAMES KREMLIN, a global specialist in paint application systems, sealant and adhesives for automotive customers.

The Rüsselsheim factory, OPEL's historic factory since 1924, now produces Zafira minivans and Insignia sedans and Insignia SW wagons at a capacity rate of more than 40 vehicles per hour. OPEL Rüsselsheim needed to renovate its production line with a player capable of integrating a complete line, offering high performance technology and scalable productivity according to the load of the production line.

Accubell 709 EVO

OPEL Rüsselsheim also wanted to rely on a responsive partner, with a strategic vision and proven products for a very high quality finish: SAMES KREMLIN is the ideal partner for OPEL. Able to meet all production and technical requirements, SAMES KREMLIN innovates in this new installation by being the first integrator in the world to install its Accubell 709 EVO spraying systems on FANUC P1000 robots. This first demonstrates the innovative engineering capacity of SAMES KREMLIN at the service of its customers.

SAMES KREMLIN takes advantage of this robot to provide a powerful painting application solution to OPEL: 4 painter robots and 6 manipulator robots work in a station of less than 10 meters length to paint cars, measuring almost 4.80m, each minute.

With this interior robotics project, SAMES KREMLIN demonstrates to OPEL its ability to modernize its paint plants to the best of the world. Accubell's watebased spray and metering technology helps reduce paint consumption, directly improving cost savings and protecting the environment. Already, more than 700 Accubell 709 EVO paint car bodies in the world.


It will also be the first time that a SAMES KREMLIN sprayer will paint OPEL cars, the first time the Accubell 709 EVO will paint car bodies in Germany and the first time the Engineering Division will install robots at OPEL.
The robot manufacturer FANUC, partner of this project, also provides its latest technology, for the first time in Europe: the FANUC P1000 is an industrial robot whose improved mobility, due to its split elbow, allows it to position the sprayer while along with the interior paint application of his cars without moving on a rail. This technology limits the maintenance costs of a complex rail system, and simplifies the robot's power supply circuit with electrical cables and paint hoses.

By offering Useful Innovation, because we manage industrial issues with technical expertise and expertise, SAMES KREMLIN has confirmed OPEL in its choice for this partnership as part of the modernization of its line of painting in Rüsselsheim.