Mag-trigger technology available on the FPro G will reduce the trigger pull effort for a comfortable spraying all day long.
Mag-trigger benefit

The MAG-Trigger magnetic assistance is a trigger innovation to reduce the trigger stress.

With only 900 grams, it is the lightest trigger pull on the market for a gun more ergonomic and more comfortable for the users.

The MAG-trigger technology improves the painter’s comfort. A magnet at the end of the stroke attracts the needle when the trigger is pulled to reduce the trigger pull up to 20%.


The lightest trigger pull on the market

At only 900 grams, the trigger effort is by far the lightest on the market, for a feeling of lightness of the gun while still using robust materials.


No repetitive strain injuries

Extremely low trigger effort requires less force from the painter, which reduces fatigue due to prolonged use.


Better working conditions

The well-being of the painters is at the heart of the concerns. The prolonged use of the gun with this technology makes it more comfortable for painters for improved spraying results.