RFV 2000 - Powder

Vertical and Horizontal Movement System

The RFV 2000 reciprocator is intended to equip automatic installations for powder coating.

ATEX compliance:

In such a process, the mechanism is loctated in zone 22. A category 3 equipment would be sufficient. The RFV 2000 is approved for category 2.

It can lead to a combination of powder projectors such as:

  • 4, 6, 8 or 10 Auto Mach-Jet powder applicators
  • 2 or 4 inoBell powder turbines

The RVF 2000 reciprocator is controlled by a REV 800, MCR control module, or PLC control module R for more complex automatic facilities.

The gauge axis, hand operated or powered, is available as an option.

In the product reference number below, the xxx stands for the stroke of the RFV 2000, from 80 to 340 cm. Default stroke is 200 cm.


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  • Stroke and speed adjustable remotely over a very wide range.
  • No special prepared area is required (the robot can be positioned or moved manually without effort).



  • Extremely simple construction and operation (very long service life).



  • Optimum safety - CE approved.
  • Reduced maintenance - limited to cleaning the chains and transmission devices.
RFV 2000 Powder