Cyclomix™ Micro Flush Box Controller Kit

The Flush Box Controller Kit is a pneumatically operated timed circuit to trigger the gun in the flush box in conjunction with a Cyclomix™ Micro operation. The timer is activated by any color or solvent valve air signal.
  • Operator freedom to perform other tasks during prime and flushing cycle
  • Allows material savings by optimizing prime function
  • Works with pot life management
  • Safer environment for the operator




  • Pneumatically controls flush box trigger
  • Adjustable timer (20 - 300 seconds)
  • Controls atomizing air during Flush and Prime


  • Enables operator to perform other tasks during prime and flushing cycle
  • Works with pot life management
  • Optimizing prime function by saving material
  • Works in conjunction E-Stat gun safety kit


  • Multiple flush box configurations availble for all Kremlin Rexson manual guns (sold separately )
  • Flush box all stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty clamping gun holder 
 Flush box control 1
 * Atomizing Air 1
 Shuttle valve assembly 1
 25 '5/32 "tubing 1


 Flush box, equipped for M22
 Flush box, equipped for KMX
 Flush box, equipped for NANOGUN
 Flush box, equipped for Xcite