SS Wood India: with SAMES KREMLIN, we will definitely grow our business in wood and also in the metal industry!

Nov 07, 2019
For 4 years now, we - SS Wood - have benefitted from their massive experience and technical knowledge! SAMES KREMLIN's a great company to work with!
SS Wood Culture
SS Wood Culture

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Sanjay Pandita ​, SS group India's owner - official SAMES KREMLIN distributor, states: 

I am associated with SAMES KREMLIN from 4 years and it was a dream come true when I first saw SAMES KREMLIN pump in 2002.  Our 4 years overall experience working with SAMES KREMLIN equipment has been fun and I have learned a lot of things: we did a lot of experiments!  It has been a great experience so far and with Prakash (Asst. Sales manger for North India) being into the field, we have benefitted from his very massive experience of 15 years into SAMES KREMLIN and he has been an overall mentor for us to do all the stuff for us. It has been a wonderful experience so far in terms of spare parts, customer support, services, technical know-how from SAMES KREMLIN India and their team has been fantastic!

One of the other key points for us as a business is our relationship: together, we have been working together and Prakash has many times showed us a new way of putting the things together making it possible so we can achieve the best quality of finish for our customers.

Apply your Skill!​​: A strong and vital relationship with our distributors!

SAMES KREMLIN distribution policy is to build with its partners a relationship of transparency and sincerity that will translate into mutual business growth. We focus on building our businesses ‘Stronger Together’. We recognize that our success is dependent on the strength of our relationship with our distribution partners.

SAMES KREMLIN focuses on Useful Innovation and makes sure exciting new products are released throughout the year.  To make our equipment our distributors primary choice, our product line must be profitable, and our philosophy must be one based on being “Easy-To-Work-With”.  Our Engineering department is busy working on “plug & play” packages that will help our partners when it comes to simple automation. 

We want to make sure that our valuable distributors will offer the best solutions and services that bring value to you: our customers.