Inocoat Manual Powder Launch

May 14, 2021
SAMES KREMLIN North America launches INOCOAT manual enhanced spraying solutions in powder coating.
Inocoat manual powder range for North America
Inocoat manual powder range for North America

SAMES KREMLIN invented powder paint spraying technology in 1964.  The Machjet and Auto-Machjet powder ranges have been in the marketplace for the past 20 years.  Since then, powder paints have evolved with the applications being more and more numerous and demanding.  Therefore, SAMES KREMLIN has launched a new complete range of manual powder systems called the Inocoat Powder range.  SAMES KREMLIN North America will be launching the automatic powder range in the near future. 

All components and functions are designed to meet the most demanding customers' needs.  The initial customers who have tested our equipment for more than six months have been very impressed by the finish quality and high transfer efficiency.  Once in use, customers appreciate the efficiency of the powder usage and the reliability and flexibility of the equipment.

The signature of this new range is our TEC5 technology that sets new standards and references of the electrostatic performance.  The new high voltage cascade and closed loop control enhances the wrap-around effect and the penetration in recessed areas.  The manual range is articulated around the Inogun® M manual gun which is controlled by the Inobox with its intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface.

SAMES KREMLIN North America is offering four different versions of the Inocart manual systems which are available to cover all process needs from ordinary to metallic and UV powders.   Our streamline design was a key component for achieving these innovative, robust, and maneuverable systems.   Because these systems are ergonomically designed for intensive use, it reduces fatigue and repetitive strain injury for optimal comfort for the operator.

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