Flávio, Development Process Manager of ArpiAspersul (Brazil): "The partnership with SAMES KREMLIN is fundamental for the success of our business"

Apr 09, 2020
"When you want to choose the best, SAMES KREMLIN is the easiest option! They are a great company to work with and they offer great finishing spraying equipment and the best distributor support! Our customers can save product and benefit of reduced cost of ownership"
ArpiApersul DXP testimony
ArpiApersul DXP testimony

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Flávio, Development Process Manager of ArpiAspersul (Brazil), states more :

"We therefore choose SAMES KREMLIN to complement our product line so we could offer a complete solution to the customer.  The second advantage working with SAMES KREMLIN is that they have three fundamental pillars that we use every day:  the best customer support, the best distributor support, and the best service provided by SAMES KREMLIN equipment. They are designed so you can get the best paint savings; 

The second advantage is the better finish got with SAMES KREMLIN equipment: the guns are designed to give the best finish for your part or your product that you will paint.  Another great advantage is that the equipment is built with fewer parts than all other equipment that makes it much easier to maintain and allows to get a low cost of ownership. 

We are willing to continue our partnership with SAMES KREMLIN for many years.  They have given us ultimate support and we have been therefore able to increase opur business and promote in the meantime the SAMES KREMLIN brand in Brazil".

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Apply your Skill!​​: A strong and vital relationship with our distributors!

SAMES KREMLIN distribution policy is to build with its partners a relationship of transparency and sincerity that will translate into mutual business growth. We focus on building our businesses ‘Stronger Together’. We recognize that our success is dependent on the strength of our relationship with our distribution partners.

SAMES KREMLIN focuses on Useful Innovation and makes sure exciting new products are released throughout the year.  To make our equipment our distributors primary choice, our product line must be profitable, and our philosophy must be one based on being “Easy-To-Work-With”.  Our Engineering department is busy working on “plug & play” packages that will help our partners when it comes to simple automation. 

We want to make sure that our valuable distributors will offer the best solutions and services that bring value to you: our customers.