Finishing and corrosion protection: an overview of our solutions

Oct 22, 2020
Nowadays, end users of high-performance protective coatings prefer products that provide water, chemical, acid, and hydrocarbon resistance along with finishing application equipment providing ease of application, easy cleaning, improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs!
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Anti-corrosion products performance and finishing spraying equipment are exceeding customer's expectations!

Surface oxidation, cracks or even complete disintegration are the possible effects of corrosion on so-called non-stable materials such as iron, concrete, steel, zinc, ceramics... These same materials are used, for example, in the composition of metal frameworks, piping, aeronautical and automobile parts, medical implants... Depending on the nature of the materials, the use that will be made of them but also the environment in which they will evolve, it is essential to prevent degradation phenomena. It is therefore easy to understand the technical, economic, safety and even sanitary necessity to act upstream.

Demand for Green and advanced application technologies is on the rise and consumer demand for environmentally friendly products has created a huge impact on the product value and innovation in the high-performance anti-corrosion coatings market.

Protective paint spraying is a key process that saves 18 million kilograms of steel per year in France

Anti-corrosion coatings are used to protect metal or other surfaces from natural degradation caused by different corrosive agents such as moisture, chemicals and salt. Worldwide, corrosion causes huge financial losses in a large number of industries. as an example, protective paint spraying is a key process that saves 18 million kilograms of steel per year in France. It also gradually weakens structures, posing a threat to property and life. Anti-corrosion coatings are one of the most effective and economical solutions for tackling corrosion. They act as a barrier between the surface and the corrosion agent, and prolong the life of the structure as well as enhance its efficiency.

Anti-corrosion coatings can be classified into epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, alkyd, zinc, chlorinated rubber, and others (including silicates, fluorocarbons, co-polymers, ceramic, graphene and glass flakes). The type of anti-corrosion coating used depends on the properties required for the specific application. Anticorrosive paints are very thick coatings. The major constraint is therefore to have a solution allowing to feed the gun and to spray the coating out of it, therefore at high pressure, with the expected quality of finish. Indeed, the protective treatment with embellishment is just as important as the functional anti-corrosion treatment. Colouring makes it possible to better blend the part into its environment or, on the contrary, to differentiate it by highlighting it.

SAMES KREMLIN offers liquid and powder spraying solutions for protective coatings applications!

SAMES KREMLIN has been developing for several decades solutions adapted to the demands and constraints of industrial companies: innovative manual AIRLESS solutions for indoor or outdoor, composed of the AIRLESS SFLOW® gun which exists in two pressure ratios (275 and 470 bar) to best adapt to the application and of our AIRLESS pumps with a high pressure ratio. In terms of finishing, it is the presence of a "jet breaker" in the gun seat (which starts to atomize the paint particles) and the nozzle that will bring the expected fineness (preferably TIP-TOP reversible, dedicated to this kind of application)

Some finishing applications in the production workshop (temperature, hygrometry) will require the use of a MAGMA 500 heater to guarantee the fluidity of the paint. And if the constraints are even stronger, an automatic ASB solution will be recommended.

And if it is still necessary to remind it, in the antico treatment, it is not only the stage of the painting which is important. Before this stage, we check that the part is structurally fit. Likewise, through time, that the corrosion has not had an impact on the solidity, the durability of the material with which the part is made. Doing a non-destructive testing is essential and here, too, SAMES KREMLIN has an added value with its dedicated Inocart NDT equipment (application of developer) or its NANOGUN range (application of penetrant).